This program makes the traditional Home Budget obsolute!

This is what the average bank account user really needs.

1. A system that is easy to use and not time-consuming to operate.
2. A plan of expected transactions for several years ahead.
3. The expected bank balance at the end of each month for the forward plan.
4. How close they are to the target at the end of the each month.
5. A minimum of transactions to enter each month.
6. Next month's Financial plan in more detail.

Who needs a plan?

We think everyone needs one. Those with plenty of funds and those short of funds. It makes sense for everyone who konws whre they are heading financially. This way they can see troubles, if any, well in advance and can take correcting action. Everyone needs to know how they will live when their regular wages income stops when they retire from paid employment.

What if?

Once your plan is setup you can make "What If" entries to see the effect of any proposal on future bank balances.

The Trick

The trick for making the system quick and easy is that the only transactions you need to enter as you go along are biggish items that come along that were not in your plan. Also any big differences in monthly standard items such as Power, Telephone etc.

The Beauty

The beauty about this system is that once you set up your model you can sit back and only enter the odd big difference that comes along and your end of month bank balance - this shows how close you are to your plan and adjusts all future bank balances. You can also plan ahead right up or even beyond retirement age. You konw where you are heading.

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